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Haramain Recordings

The one and only unique platform which keeps you updated with the Haramain daily. Haramain Recordings is currently the largest online resource for Haramain content for Live Streaming, Recordings, News and has the finest structured archive system.

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Amazing Features

The Haramain Recordings application is the one and only application you will want to use to keep yourself updated with the Haramain. Haramain Recordings is voluntarily run by a few volunteers from across the globe to bring you this amazing experience with consistency and quality.

  • LIVE HQ Audio & HD Broadcasts
  • LIVE Translations Of Khutbah In 7 Languages
  • NEW Qur'an Recordings
  • Haramain GPS Locator
  • Daily & Previous Salaah Recordings Since 2006
  • Daily Prayer Times
  • Taraweeh Recordings For Over 20+ Years
  • Previous Recordings Of Khutbah With Translations
  • Adhaan, Eid Takbeerat, Interviews & Much More

About Haramain

Haramain Recordings has been established since 2006 with a few volunteers working hard behind the scenes to bring you content that you can view daily. The content is updated regularly via the various social media platforms and reaches an audience of millions. Haramain offers a unique opportunity to keep the audience up to date in order to attach themselves with the Holy Book & the Two Holy Mosques.

Video Presentation


Having used the new Haramain recordings app for a few days, I found it very easy to access various features of the app within a few navigations. 

The app has a huge library containing Imams Qur’an recitation, archives of Taraweeh salah, Khutbah, Adhaans and daily recording of each Salah and many more, all of this is now very well organised in sections grouped by the haram or its imams as well as Muadhins. 

Now most of the audio can be downloaded to listen offline, however you will need to play the audio from the downloaded file using the phones default player after it finishes. 

The app handles the navigation between the different options in either of the haram very well and could not find any issues so far. The app itself is stable and fast and there is little waiting time to stream any of the content. 

This app can bring you very close to the haramain with the daily recording as well as archives from a couple of decades ago. Inclusion of details such as the imams names with suraah and the ayaah in the daily salah on the titles is very helpful.  

With the amount of features and content in this app, I am sure this will be very successful app and will be recognised worldwide, may Allah reward the people involved in this project.

The app is absolutely outstanding Mashallah, it's very easy to navigate and runs smoothly. It's the best app in its field that I've seen, having access to recordings and live streams from Masjid al Haram & Masjid Nabwi this easily is simply amazing. Definitely would recommend this to all, not had any problems with the app at all Alhamdulilah. May Allah reward those involved in the production of such an excellent app.

MashaAllah. Haramain recording app is arguably the most complete Islamic audio app you'll find. Includes literary everything a mad haramain fan would want and much more including LIVE streams from both Makkah & Madinah. Perfect for those who have visited haramain recently and are really missing everything.

I've tested the APP, and its amazing .. very simple, yet elegant. The links are clear, concise, consistent and organized with immense care and meticulousness. Not to mention that each audio file is high quality audio, that begins and ends perfectly to avoid any silent noise. There must be thousands and thousands of files, that are stored. The content speaks for itself .. the recitation of our Imams of Haramain, the words of Allah and His Book, and the Adhaan of our Muadhins .. Utmost care and attentoin was given to this App, and its only our right that we utilize it and make it a means of guidance for the Ummah.



Winners Of Umrah & Kiswah Competition

Congratulations To:

Umrah Winners
  • Smeera Latif
  • Zeshan Bashir
  • Mohammed El Fathi
  • Fari Ahmeti
Kiswah Winners
  • Iqra Hussain
  • Mohammed Aqueel
  • Abdullah Haydar
  • Bilal Abdul Qadoos

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Now available on the Play Store!

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