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Haramain, essentially a group of companies, is an online enterprise running for over 15 years actively adding positive value to the community of Muslims around the world.

Established in 2006 as an online and/or virtual model, Haramain has, over time, branched out to physical services and products for its growing community. The enterprise came into being on a welfare basis under the umbrella of ‘Sadqa e Jari’ah’ and has transformed into different social and commercial ventures since its inception.

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a brief HISTORY

Haramain Recordings has been voluntarily established since 2006 with the support from the lmaams, Muadhins and individuals from the Presidency of Masjid Al Haram & Masjid an Nabawi. From the Hajj Season of 1437, Haramain began offering a service for pilgrims as well as Muslims throughout the entire world to perform Qurbani whether it be for Hajj, Eid UI Adha or Sadaqah and Fidyah.

The Haramain Qurbani service gained significant traction[ because we guaranteed that Qurbani was being carried out by a trusted source, wherein representatives from various groups were allowed to witness the Qurbani. Additionally, the trust in Haramain Qurbani was further solidified by sharing videos / images of Qurbani being carried out during Hajj of 1437 and 1438. The meat was thereafter distributed either to the poor or given to the group representatives. Since t hen, Haramain has expanded into a variation of different ventures and voluntary initiatives for the positive progress and service of the Muslim community.