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Haramain Recordings has been voluntarily established since 2006 with the support from the Imaams, Muadhins and individuals from the Presidency of Masjid Al Haram & Masjid an Nabawi.

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Haramain have been aware that there are many negative experiences when it comes to Qurbani not being carried out with a trusted source. On many occasions Haramain witnessed where animals were  either too young or not healthy or where the total number of Qurbanis that were supposed to have been carried out by a slaughter house for a group was not carried out completed .

Haramain also learnt that sometimes the total quota was not slaughtered and many a times the slaughtering would take place outside of Makkah or the meat being resold.

Haramain representatives witnesses the Qurbanis, provides electronic reciept of payments, publishes videos and images after the Qurbanis are carried out and distributes the meat to needy people. Haramain also ensures Qurbani takes place in Makkah and ensures meat is not resold .

Since 1937
Haramain began offering a service for pilgrims as well as Muslims throughout the entire world to perform Qurbani whether it be for Hajj, Eid Ul Fitr or Sadaqah and Fidyah.

Haramain initiated this service officially with reputable individuals from Makkah and a slaughter house in Makkah.