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We aim to create a hub for all Muslim Ummah to come together for their needs, be it Zabihah services, beloved products, merchandise, Salaah recordings, live webinars or dissemination of authentic and true information. Haramain, as a source of services and products wants to ensure the utmost contentment and satisfaction of the Muslim community spread across the globe.

Haramain Recordings:

Essence of the Holy Mosques

Since 2006, we’ve passionately preserved the history of the Two Holy Mosques through immaculate recordings of Imams and Muadhins. As the largest online hub for Haramain content – Recordings, News & Live Recordings – we bring daily updates from the holy sites, enriching millions worldwide. Experience a direct connection to the Holy Book and the Two Holy Mosques with Haramain, where spirituality finds its voice.

Haramain Qurbani:

Your Trusted Zabiha Service in Makkah

Offer a seamless opportunity for worldwide Muslims, including pilgrims, to perform Qurbani with the utmost convenience and spiritual connection. Our impeccable integrity and unwavering commitment have positioned Haramain as a trusted name in the industry. Our experts ensure every Zabiha adheres to halal guidelines, maintaining the sanctity of the ritual. Reserve your Qurbani today with Haramain.

Haramain Shop:

Your Spiritual Essentials Hub

Introducing Shop Haramain, your go-to source for Islamic Essentials and Souvenirs. In 2021, Haramain extended its reach globally by launching shop.haramain.com. We offer a diverse range of Islamic essentials and souvenirs to cater to Muslims worldwide. Our mission is to provide a convenient hub where Muslims can find all their needs under one roof. Experience satisfaction and connection with our thoughtfully curated offerings, designed to meet the requirements of our vibrant global Muslim community.

Haramain Travel:

Guiding Your Spiritual Journey

Embark on a transformative pilgrimage experience with Haramain Travels. Our mission is to lead your spiritual journey to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, ensuring every step is infused with reverence, comfort, and guidance. With meticulous planning and a commitment to excellence, we create an atmosphere that allows you to focus solely on your connection with the Divine. Join us on a pilgrimage that transcends travel and becomes a sacred voyage of the heart.

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